Sunday, 20 April 2014

Grey Skies // Bad Weather OOTD

Happy Easter everyone! 
Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend eating lots of chocolate and catching up with friends and family!

Sadly the weather has pretty much over night gone rubbish - YAY FOR DEPRESSIONS and COLD FRONTS! (no.)  Actually was looking forward to some nice weather in the city but... maybe not!

So I went for a lovely Dim Sum lunch at Lido (China Town) this morning with my cousin and some friends which was so tasty! Can't beat some Siu Mai, Har Gau and Char Siu Bao!

So, here's what I wore today...


Coat: Zara
Shirt: River Island
Dress: ASOS Club L
Belt: Topshop
Shoes: Vagabond (Dionne in Denim)

Hope you enjoy the moody brick wall background - SO INDAYYY.
This outfit may feature quite dull tones but it was damn comfortable!

ANYWAY going to watch a BubzBeauty vlog now - can't quite express how much I love watching them! They always make my day happier and she is my favourite youtuber by far! 

And not forgetting her dogs! Domo and Chubbi - best dogs on Youtube! (Controversial statement but I DON'T EVEN CARE!)

Anyway, thanks for reading and looking! Hope you enjoy the holiday and have a great relaxing and inspirational break!

Lots of Love,

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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hello people of the virtual internet world!
(Or as some call it, "Web 2.0" as I have learnt from reading about GIS and the future)

Although it really isn't helping my revision agenda...have procrastinated so much to enjoy the weather and the company of school friends back from their university holidays!

How do people do revision when it's just so great at home?

This is why I am imminently going back to university or else I will actually fail my exams - no one wants that now.

Pretty flowers = Not suitable for time for revision (obviously)...

Being rubbish with blogging lately because I haven't really had my camera with me or much to say...I thought I'd just throw some random stuff together that I'm loving and just share the fun and joy!


Calvin Harris - Summer

It's grown on me, a lot.
This one's going to be big this summer - as its millions of views have shown (and it's name...)!

This game is so cute and I love the sound effects! Give it a go - can you beat my high score of 5?!
(It seems like a low high score but trust me, this game is pretty challenging!)

Pop the cats' balloons to save them! (CAUTION: AVOID THE EVIL MICE)
Good little app to pass the time when commuting or when you can't be bothered to get out of bed!


What can I's just addictive.
That is all I have to say.

Yeahh...that's all!
BYE! Speak Soon ;)

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cheerleading: My New OBSESSION

Hello people of the blogosphere!

I'm back today to share my latest obsession (and slight addiction) to CHEERLEADING!

Rainbow Themed Cheer Practice!

After regretting not trying cheerleading in first year, I decided to jump in and try it out during Freshers Week this year - and guess what, I LOVED IT. 

About to pull an arabesque at the Future Cheer Competition (February 2014)
Instagram collage of my day at competition!

I'm currently flying on the All-Girl/All-Girl+2BoysSoActuallyCo-Ed Level 2 Team and I absolutely love it! It's utterly strange because tell someone that you're addicted to standing on people's hands, pulling stretches and being thrown high and they'd think you were mad but the sense of adrenaline this sport gives you is insane!

Practicing braced extended libs at practice!

This along with the gymnastics, dance and fantastic facials makes it so fun and I always leave practice in a good mood and happy- even if I've fallen or didn't perform at my best. Weird but so true.
Scorp Before and After
Heel Stretch Before and After

Cheerleading has given me a release from the stress of academic work and given me something to strive for! It's not only challenged me physically and mentally but also helped me become fitter, healthier and much happier! I would definitely recommend it to anyone out there who's interested in the sport!

My team's performance at our first ever cheer competition!
Although it wasn't our best performance by all means, it was so much fun and I can't wait for the next!

I've also gained a crazy obsession with cheer bows (because they're so pretty) and have tried making some myself! They're not quite as... neat and perfect as the ones you buy but they're fun to make and give a great sense of satisfaction when you get to wear them! Strangely the most difficult thing to get hold of is ribbon of the correct thickness, colour and pattern - it's almost impossible in the UK since cheer isn't quite mainstream enough yet!

Purple Grosgrain Bow (Ribbon from eBay)
Neon Pink Grosgrain Bow (Ribbon from BritCheerApparel)

Let me know if you have any questions - I'm always happy to share! :)

Love, Yinyin xxx

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Travel Photos // Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia 2013

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being so terrible at blogging - I've kinda fallen out with it at the moment but I'll try to rekindle it as I begin to resettle into university!

Meanwhile, here are some snaps from my trip to Asia in September!

Stanley Market
Stanley Market

Photograph with the night skyline of Hong Kong

Happy in Mong Kok

Hello Kitties in Langham Place

Enjoying the view at Ocean Park
Elephant MANIA!

Riding an Elephant in Singapore Zoo

Outside Marina Bay Sands

Outside the Merlion

Having themed Singapore Slings at the Raffles Hotel
Kuala Lumpur China Town

Kuala Lumpur China Town

Outside the Petronas Towers

Thanks for flicking through!

Love, Yinyin xxx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Willabelle Ong // Pale Division

Hi People!

So I thought I would post something about my favourite fashion blogger on the face of this earth!

Her name's Willabelle Ong and she writes Pale Division - if you haven't heard of her, get over there now! She's style-amazing (and that's an understatement).

After finding her a few years ago on, I've been following her fashion journey since and I wanted to post some of my favourite photos of her from her lookbook and share the inspiration that she gives me!

Hope you enjoyed looking through her incredible looks!
Let me know if you know any awesome fashion bloggers like Willabelle!

Thanks for reading ;)

Lots of love,
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