Saturday, 21 January 2012

My TOP 5 iPad Multiplayer Games


So I recently got an iPad after Christmas and I have been CRAVING multiplayer games! These are my top 5 multiplayer games which I have really enjoyed on the iPad ;)

King of Opera

This game is absolutely hilarious.
Fat Opera Singers BUMPING each other off to STEAL to spotlight for points. 
You can have up 4 players or have robots replace the other players (be warned robots are good) and it's generally a great laugh.

For a tiny price of £0.69 on the App Store, this is absolutely worth every penny for the hours of entertainment and laughter it'll provide for your friends on lazy nights in and long car journeys.

MONOPOLY Here&Now : World Edition

With a pass&play and tabletop mode, this game just a perfect spin on the classic Monopoly game without the hassle of all the cards, the chunky box and the organisation - the system will control it so you don't have to look up rules - just make up your decision on what they offer you!

As a big fan of monopoly, I love this game but sometimes knowing that the computer has inevitably already picked a winner and a loser is quite worrying...however for £0.69 it is an absolute bargain and worth it!

 Fruit Ninja

With 3 multiplayer modes: Classic Attack, Zen Duel and Online - there's always someone and something to play wherever you are!

With adjustable times for zen mode, adjustable speed for classic mode and a tense game in the online mode - this is definitely a great game with beautiful graphics for a low price of £1.99.


Achtung is a simple game for up to 4 players in which you have to steer your neon coloured line around in order to trap your opponents and win points. Though it seems very concise, the game is definitely really fun to play with a group of friends and because steering takes time to become good at - it's definitely fun while everyone's trying to get to grips with it.

For £1.49 though, I think it is a little overpriced as the game is just so simple but to some extent it is worth the money and is definitely a lot of fun once you're into it! 

Mirror's Edge 

Mirror's edge is like a more sophisticated, more complex and better animated version of "Temple Run" - another fantastic game on iPhone/iPad. You control the character through a variety of swipes and tilts while she freeruns across the city to get away from a group who are trying to catch her. 

With the introduction of a multiplayer mode in the £2.99 iPad version, I was extremely excited to have a go. Though it was fun, there was no tutorial mode included in the multiplayer bit so it left my friends a bit bewildered as to how to play the game which was a bit rubbish as there was no tension in the game and they soon gave up. 

Hope this has helped anyone out there to decide whether or not to invest in these games :)


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