Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunshine and Cheer // Post-Exam Fun


So my cousin and her friend have been staying at my house over the half term period so while the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, I decided to teach them some simple cheerleading moves to do a prep so she could have an experience of flying!

Then of course, I messed about and wanted to try flying these really tall (and HEAVY) boys...and I could only take them to a thigh stand - I'm such a weakling! BUT HEY, after all, I'm not a base, I'm a flyer!

Last week we were trying 2 1/2 pyramids at practice and did this thigh-level one man lib thing so I decided to try it with my brother. This however led to this hilarious photo being taken where it looks like I'm crushing him with my joyful face and expression! (Mind the awful scale I'm pulling, jeans are not very mobilising!)

Cheerleading is addictive to say the least. Can't really express how much I love it in words although sometimes it is absolutely terrifying! It may seem easy to stand in a prep (first picture) but imagine if you were standing on your friend's shoulders...that's real high. At least much higher than most people stand on an unstable surface!

Casual fun practice sessions during the exam season have also been fun!

Not going to lie, this was absolutely terrifying but the coolest thing EVER!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't try these stunts at home unless you have someone with experience to teach you, are on a soft surface and have enough spotters (incase anyone falls). Cheerleading is a dangerous sport and can cause injury - people can fall from a great height.


  1. Haha, you're so much more atheistic than I am- I literally can't do a back flip! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Oh my goodness that is amazing! I actually can't even do a backwards roll so I'm super amazed and impressed by this! Congrats for finishing exams!

  3. OMG look at you! I am not even sure if I can do a cartwheel anymore!

    xo, N


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