Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Turning Twenty

Hello everyone!

So yesterday (Monday), I officially turned twenty and departed from my teenage years - emotional as it is, I have now successfully escaped being dubbed a "teen mum" ever in my life (which hopefully will be long!).

I decided to throw a summer garden party the day before and invited some of my school and university friends down to the leafy suburbs of London for some food, laughter and CHEER! After spending all of Saturday and Sunday morning making food and getting things ready, my mum, Matt and I were able to create an array of cakes, sandwiches, cocktail sausages, biscuits and more which definitely went down well with my friends!

Rainbow cupcakes, Hello Kitty biscuits and Orange Cupcakes

Cupcakes Galore

Rainbow Fruit Sticks

Can't quite express how awesome this world map/globe cake is - Matt did an awesome job!

Matt's amazing world map red-velvet cake!

FOOD (+tea)

Although it was stressful, once everyone was completed and people began to slowly arrive, we instantly knew all that effort was worth it and we had an awesome time!

Here are some of the slightly super fun (and possibly odd) highlights from the party!

My goodness, this was so scary because after this the wobbling began...actually thought I was going to fall face first into the ground!

Our attempt at an infinity scorp - almost there!

Pretty proud we managed to train enough people to put up two stunts together!

 Flying boys - those bases and backs are so strong - it's incredible! They had a ball up there though!

My birthday cupie!

So just like that, many hours flew by and my party officially ended - I had a blast and hope that everyone who came did as well! It was a shame that quite a few of my friends were away but hey - it's a summer baby problem! 

On my actual birthday, I ended up eating a lot.

Thanks to Matt for my lovely new dress - I love it!
I was so shocked that a boy could actually buy me something I'd like!

This duck at Hakkasan <3 p="">
Although, would I go again? Probably not of my own accord - I think it's a bit too catered towards British people, not so much for our Chinese tastes! That said, the duck and the dimsum were absolutely delicious though!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday awesome!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this super long, photo-filled post!

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